This is one of the few positive stories I've heard regarding the Tsunami/Earthquake. Reminds me of people who surfed the tsunami resulting from when Krakatau erupted back in 1883. Via Fark.

Feeling Nostalgic for 2004?

The collection of lists to end all lists. From top 10 politically correct terms to top x prettymuchanythingelse.



Did anyone else see the movie The Day After Tomorrow?


So bored

A week left and I'm already bored! I still haven't done any homework, which I will probably put off until Sunday night. Oh well. I'm going up to Pioneer park to go Geocaching again, maybe this time I will find Kodama's cache, and the one in the bridge. I read in the comments that someone moved the Kodama cache.


I changed around the template. I moved down the profile, moved up the My Yahoo and RSS images and added a search box. I still have to find a better RSS image, and have the search box be Mooter, since there is already a google search box at the top of the blog.


How to bathe a cat: Instructions vs. Reality

One of the funniest Fark.com threads ever. Who would have thought that the subject of bathing cats could spontaneously combust into a flamewar? Then again, most comment thingees on Fark.com become flamewars.


Asian chaos

A BBC reporter tells his take on the earthquakes and tsunamis that swept through Asia. He highlights the lack of S&R, doctors or anything else. Most of the aid services in the world are currently busy in Iraq, Sudan, even Florida, so I doubt any aid coming to people affected by this disaster soon. I just hope that they can survive long enough for aid services to get on over to Asia.



If you can read this, then PyQLogger is functional.

Which OS are you?

You are Slackware Linux. You are the brightest among your peers, but are often mistaken as insane.  Your elegant solutions to problems often take a little longer, but require much less effort to complete.
Which OS are You?



Merry Christmas

To all Christians: have a Merry Christmas, sorry your holiday got all messed up by retailers looking for a profit in the winter.


In about 3 hours, Cassini will release the Huygens probe, which will land (or splash) down on Titan on the 14th of January, 2005. Writing 2005 seems weird. 2005 2005 2005.


Fark Webmail?!

While browsing img.fark.com, I came across a mysterious page which appears to be a beta of a fark webmail system. WTF?! When did this happen? Where can I sign up for an account? Is this just a joke? Just A Trap? I need answers!


This guy goes into more detail about the Electronic Gaming Monthly cover whoring earlier.

I'm dreaming of a #ffffff Christmas...

But it is shaping up to be more of a #C0C0C0 Christmas. I think that if it is going to be about 0 degrees outside, I deserve a consolation of some snow here. But that is extremely unlikely due to global warming, and the fact that we live at about 100m and the temperature hovers at about 2-10. Also, it hasn't even snowed in the mountains. I'm signed up for the ski bus, but Snoqualmie ski place hasn't opened yet. In the 3.5 years I've lived here, it has snowed twice, and each time the snow melted by the next morning. That is the dirty little secret about living near Seattle.

Tha Shizzolator

Tha Shizzolator will "Shizzolate" any webpage.I thought it was a parody of Hip-Hop culture which for you foreign readers is famed for its glorification of violence, rape etc., but it turns out it is actually a promotion for some new album. I did a WHOIS on the site and found it was registered by Priority Records, which is apparently a part of Capitol But WHOIS records are rarely filled out truthfully. Maybe I should email the contact to see if the page is actually one of theirs. I'll go do that. BRB
EDIT: January 16, no response.

I feel really bad.

Normally, I don't post about my life because it is boring. But today I have been suffering from some throat infection, and feel angry so I wrote this.
My throat is under assault from thousands of hostile invaders. They launched their assault on the afternoon of the 21st. Throughout the night, they besieged my tonsils, causing them to swell and become tender. They placed scouts up and down my throat, and formed a filmy white colony on my tongue. When I awoke on the 22nd, I became aware of them. I immediately drank a mix of equal amounts of cranberry concentrate, honey and sugar sugar which defeated past incursions, but that left me feeling more sick this time. My body launched a counter-attack around noon, causing the insurgents to fall back to their stronghold near my tonsils. Finally, around 2100, they attacked the stronghold, killing most of the invaders. Only a few pockets of resistance remain.


Browsing Wikipedia Bad Jokes and Other Deleted Nonsense

I found this gem from 404 error
The example of a 404 error is given as: http://www.whitehouse.gov/iraq/postwar-plan.ppt


How sad

The Navy has data from the last 12 years about a solitary whale which may be the only one of its kind. Probably some hybrid like a mule, but still one of the saddest things I've seen all year.

The Horrors of Wal-Mart

A tale
of a college student who worked at Wal-Mart and was fired due to the scheming of the night shift employees, and his sweet, sweet revenge.



I am going to unsubscribe from Electronic Gaming Monthly.

I'm just annoyed with their magazines advertisements. Almost almost evry game developer or publisher advertises in their magazine. If they don't advertise, they will get lower scores in reviews. I once heard a former EGM reviewer (I forget which one) say that the editors made him change his score for a game from one of EGM's main advertisers, saying the score was too low. That's not just annoying, it is also bad journalism. I guestimate that about 74% of their magazine is ads. Not ads that tell you "This game offers x, n, and f", but showing the title, and either a half naked virtual chick, or something blowing up, if not both. The half naked virtual chick is supposed to be erotic towards men, but always fails. First, its virtual, and secondly, eroticism is determined mainly by what can't be seen. Back in the 19the century, wrists and legs were considered very erotic, and were covered. The virtual chick leaves nothing to the imagination, therefore, it is not considered erotic except by 12 year old boys. Actually, that's the advertisers' target market. And something blowing up (especially barrels) has become a videogame cliché. What really put me over the top was that the front cover of the magazine this month was an advertisement for some generic Activision shooting game from, complete with ADVERTISEMENT in fine print at the top of the ad. The Rest of the Crap monthly column is the only good thing left in the magazine. And I can get the equivalent of that by going to amazon.com and reading the hilarious customer reviews on games featured in that column. I am going to let subscription run out or unsubscribe.

Sorry for the typos, I lack a decent spellchecker on my PDA.

Wikipedia:Bad jokes and other deleted nonsense

Wikipedia has a bizarre article entitled:Bad jokes and other deleted nonsense. It is truly one of the most bizarre things I have seen, made even more bizarre for being in the stale world of Wikipedia.


Slashdot Story Generator

BBspotSlashdot Story Generator has a hilarious and accurate Slashdot story generator. It is actually very accurate, taking things that occur on Slashdot(Linux, Microsoft is evil, SQL, Linux on a toaster) and combining words that match the subject to create a new story.

Post by email

Post by email doesn't seem to be working. Anyone else having this problem today? I've tried from three different email accounts and to my old and new user accounts.


Today is my birthday.



My dog dropped a ball into the heating system a year ago, and I finally got it out today using:
  • 1 Camera
  • 8 feet of weather stripping
  • A ladle


The Three Stages Of Man

He believes in Santa Claus.

He doesn't believe in Santa Claus.

He is Santa Claus.

Truer words were never spoken. Actually, I can think of many truer words that have been spoken, but that's a different story.

Obvious story of the day.

Deep-fried Mars bar taking Scotland by storm. Obvious, but well written.


11 strange things 12-17

Jonathan Frazier 2004-12-16

11 Strange things which appears in the 12-17 edition of scRambler.
These happened last week:
1) Health: Hardee’s restauraunt chain has introduced their new Thickburger. It has 1,420 calories, 49 grams of carbohydrates, 230 mg of cholesterol and 2,661 mg of sodium. Hardees is marketing the beast as a backlash against “food police” who are pro-diet and pro-health.(Reuters)
2) Dead people: A man put on a bulletproof vest and dared his friend to shoot him, to see if the vest really worked. It didn’t.(AP)
3) Be Prepared: Iowa scored a 8/10 on a bioterrorism preparedness inspection, ranking it in the top 6 states, despite the fact that the odds of terrorists attacking the stage are about 28 to 1.(AP)
4) Tatoos: A 94 year-old Pennsylvanian man decided to get his first tattoo. The tattoo man at the Tainted Flesh tattoo parlor said "Tattooing an older person is a bit more difficult because their skin is different and sometimes it comes away from the muscle a little.”(AP)
5) Man Bites Dog: A Florida man bit his 90 kg dog as a punishment, and then used the same dog to threaten police investigating him on animal cruelty charges. (AP)
6) Hippo: A hippopotamus was caught after 10 months on the run near Cape Town, South Africa. (Reuters)
7) Oops: Employees at Philadelphia Airport lost a bag containing a fake bomb being used at the time to train Transportation Security Agency agents. It was detected, but loaded into a plane bound for Ampersterdam. In other news, train ticket sales are anticipated to jump at least 152.46%.(Reuters)
8) Protest: A burka was put on the “Danish Statue of Liberty”, a statue of a mermaid in Copenhagen harbor, along with a sash which read ”Turkey in the EU?” in protest of Turkey joining the EU. (AFP)
9) Booze: An illegal 3 km pipeline was discovered in Lithuania to take moonshine from Belarus to Lithuania. The price of alcohol in Lithuania has jumped since the nation joined the EU, inspiring an alcohol importing industry much like the American mafia during the Prohibition. (Reuters)
10) Closing: The Birthplace of John Steinbeck’s three libraries were closed by the Salinas, CA city council to save 3 million dollars. (Reuters)
11) Satan!: The Vatican Church has sponsored a series of workshops called "Exorcism and prayers of liberation" to stop Satanism in Italy. According to Italian officials, there are over 1,000 Satanist groups in the nation. (AFP)

A White House Christmas

A new “movie” has been posted at whitehouse.gov showing the Christmas adventures of President Bush’s dog. “Where in the Whitehouse is Miss Beazley” certainly has star power. George W. Bush appears, telling his dog that it didn’t get a job in the cabinet, because its job is to look after the new puppy at the White House. Karl Rove rips down blue tree ornaments and yells for red ornaments, in a reference to his dislike for the Democratic Party. Attorney General nomination Judge Gonzales lectures the dog and many other White House staffers appear as well. The movie’s plot is a series of loosely stitched together scenes of Barney the dog playing with horseshoes, attacking the Official Whitehouse Cat, and looking up at miscellaneous staffers shaking their heads. The plot twist at the end was certainly unexpected, but a let-down. The camerawork is marvelous, with many “Barneycam” shots, presumably taken by a camera strapped to an Official Government Remote Control Automobile. Your tax dollars at work! You can see this movie (free, obviously) by going to Dubya's site.

Skin cleaner fatally injected into patient at Virginia Mason

Skin cleaner fatally injected into patient at Virginia Mason

A woman suffering from a brain aneurysm was supposed to have a dye marker injected to make veins visible on X-Rays, but an antiseptic skin cleaning fluid was injected, killing her on November 23rd. Both fluids were clear and in unmarked containers. According to the Institute for Safe Medication Practices, over half of the hospitals in America do not always label containers. 18% never label containers. There has been some good news; in 2000, 33% of containers were never labeled. A similar fatal incident happened in 1995 at the hospital when a 7 year old boy was injected with the wrong medicine during an ear surgery. After that incident, Virginia Mason instituted a labeling policy.
I wrote this for the scRambler last week.


Mooter - Web Search

Mooter Web Search is a really useful search engine I find myself using for more complex searches. It is a lot slower than Google, but it doesn't throw millions of links at you. Example I am looking for information about Linux software: Googling Linux Software: 9,340,000
Mooting Linux: Shows me 7 clusters
I click on the shareware cluster and it gives me 3 pages of relevant Linux Audio Shareware. Unfortunately, Mooter takes f...o...r...e...v...e...r to load in Firefox. A warning message even appears telling me a script is slowing down the computer. As soon as that is fixed up, Mooter will become my primary search engine.


If you go to www.salon.com/news/cookie.html, then to the Salon article you want to read, you don't have to watch the stupid ads.


Hyper-RX Markup Language - Drugstore Pricing Codes

Cockeyed has an excellent article about how to see how much Longs pays for crap kwality merchandise out on the sales floor. I doubt that the codes will last much longer, because when RFID comes out, all that information can be stored in the tag, away from customers with way too much time on their hands, who might crack the pricing code.


Fun with URLs!

Fun with URLs!
Originally uploaded by jhf.
I took this screenshot earlier today. I wonder what else may be seen just by changing URLs...

54 journalists killed worldwide in 2004

Japan 54 journalists killed worldwide in 2004. The losses were so great that Japanese news services were reduced to writing 6.5 column lines on the subject.


Javascript Popups are evil.

I've been using the random blog feature on Blogger, and I have come to the conclusion that Javascript Popups are evil. I'll be clicking along then BAM! a Javascrip popup with some crappy poem written on it. I close the window and another pops up. And so on. Not to mention the popups are fugly. Why O why do people put these things in popup form? Poems belong in entries, not popups. And if you need to have a popup, just have one of them. No need for a string of them. Please don't use Javascript popups. That is all.

The Geminid Meteor Shower

The Geminds should be on tonight peaking on the 13th. To see them best, look towards the constellation Geminid(obviously). The sky is clear today for the first time in weeks, so expect some photos of stuff to be posted.


The AIR Universal History Translation Project

The AIR Universal History Translation Project is the History of the Universe in 200 Words or Less. They have English, Esperanto
and several dozen others. Oh, I forgot to post this but I have been studying Esperanot for a week or so.


Originally uploaded by jhf.
Trying out Flickr's blog this thingy. I got some firewood at the store. I didn't see the warning label until I got home. I never knew you got cancer, birth defects and other reproductive harm from burning wood. I suppose they put that there to avoid suelarity.


Moving In

I am coming here from my old blog.