11 strange things 12-17

Jonathan Frazier 2004-12-16

11 Strange things which appears in the 12-17 edition of scRambler.
These happened last week:
1) Health: Hardee’s restauraunt chain has introduced their new Thickburger. It has 1,420 calories, 49 grams of carbohydrates, 230 mg of cholesterol and 2,661 mg of sodium. Hardees is marketing the beast as a backlash against “food police” who are pro-diet and pro-health.(Reuters)
2) Dead people: A man put on a bulletproof vest and dared his friend to shoot him, to see if the vest really worked. It didn’t.(AP)
3) Be Prepared: Iowa scored a 8/10 on a bioterrorism preparedness inspection, ranking it in the top 6 states, despite the fact that the odds of terrorists attacking the stage are about 28 to 1.(AP)
4) Tatoos: A 94 year-old Pennsylvanian man decided to get his first tattoo. The tattoo man at the Tainted Flesh tattoo parlor said "Tattooing an older person is a bit more difficult because their skin is different and sometimes it comes away from the muscle a little.”(AP)
5) Man Bites Dog: A Florida man bit his 90 kg dog as a punishment, and then used the same dog to threaten police investigating him on animal cruelty charges. (AP)
6) Hippo: A hippopotamus was caught after 10 months on the run near Cape Town, South Africa. (Reuters)
7) Oops: Employees at Philadelphia Airport lost a bag containing a fake bomb being used at the time to train Transportation Security Agency agents. It was detected, but loaded into a plane bound for Ampersterdam. In other news, train ticket sales are anticipated to jump at least 152.46%.(Reuters)
8) Protest: A burka was put on the “Danish Statue of Liberty”, a statue of a mermaid in Copenhagen harbor, along with a sash which read ”Turkey in the EU?” in protest of Turkey joining the EU. (AFP)
9) Booze: An illegal 3 km pipeline was discovered in Lithuania to take moonshine from Belarus to Lithuania. The price of alcohol in Lithuania has jumped since the nation joined the EU, inspiring an alcohol importing industry much like the American mafia during the Prohibition. (Reuters)
10) Closing: The Birthplace of John Steinbeck’s three libraries were closed by the Salinas, CA city council to save 3 million dollars. (Reuters)
11) Satan!: The Vatican Church has sponsored a series of workshops called "Exorcism and prayers of liberation" to stop Satanism in Italy. According to Italian officials, there are over 1,000 Satanist groups in the nation. (AFP)


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