I am going to unsubscribe from Electronic Gaming Monthly.

I'm just annoyed with their magazines advertisements. Almost almost evry game developer or publisher advertises in their magazine. If they don't advertise, they will get lower scores in reviews. I once heard a former EGM reviewer (I forget which one) say that the editors made him change his score for a game from one of EGM's main advertisers, saying the score was too low. That's not just annoying, it is also bad journalism. I guestimate that about 74% of their magazine is ads. Not ads that tell you "This game offers x, n, and f", but showing the title, and either a half naked virtual chick, or something blowing up, if not both. The half naked virtual chick is supposed to be erotic towards men, but always fails. First, its virtual, and secondly, eroticism is determined mainly by what can't be seen. Back in the 19the century, wrists and legs were considered very erotic, and were covered. The virtual chick leaves nothing to the imagination, therefore, it is not considered erotic except by 12 year old boys. Actually, that's the advertisers' target market. And something blowing up (especially barrels) has become a videogame cliché. What really put me over the top was that the front cover of the magazine this month was an advertisement for some generic Activision shooting game from, complete with ADVERTISEMENT in fine print at the top of the ad. The Rest of the Crap monthly column is the only good thing left in the magazine. And I can get the equivalent of that by going to amazon.com and reading the hilarious customer reviews on games featured in that column. I am going to let subscription run out or unsubscribe.

Sorry for the typos, I lack a decent spellchecker on my PDA.


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