I feel really bad.

Normally, I don't post about my life because it is boring. But today I have been suffering from some throat infection, and feel angry so I wrote this.
My throat is under assault from thousands of hostile invaders. They launched their assault on the afternoon of the 21st. Throughout the night, they besieged my tonsils, causing them to swell and become tender. They placed scouts up and down my throat, and formed a filmy white colony on my tongue. When I awoke on the 22nd, I became aware of them. I immediately drank a mix of equal amounts of cranberry concentrate, honey and sugar sugar which defeated past incursions, but that left me feeling more sick this time. My body launched a counter-attack around noon, causing the insurgents to fall back to their stronghold near my tonsils. Finally, around 2100, they attacked the stronghold, killing most of the invaders. Only a few pockets of resistance remain.


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