A White House Christmas

A new “movie” has been posted at whitehouse.gov showing the Christmas adventures of President Bush’s dog. “Where in the Whitehouse is Miss Beazley” certainly has star power. George W. Bush appears, telling his dog that it didn’t get a job in the cabinet, because its job is to look after the new puppy at the White House. Karl Rove rips down blue tree ornaments and yells for red ornaments, in a reference to his dislike for the Democratic Party. Attorney General nomination Judge Gonzales lectures the dog and many other White House staffers appear as well. The movie’s plot is a series of loosely stitched together scenes of Barney the dog playing with horseshoes, attacking the Official Whitehouse Cat, and looking up at miscellaneous staffers shaking their heads. The plot twist at the end was certainly unexpected, but a let-down. The camerawork is marvelous, with many “Barneycam” shots, presumably taken by a camera strapped to an Official Government Remote Control Automobile. Your tax dollars at work! You can see this movie (free, obviously) by going to Dubya's site.


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