Nepal reverting to monarchy

CNN says that the Nepalese king has fired the government. Didn't the exact opposite happen a while ago? This is pretty scary. Most of the time, whenever a single man gains power there are wars, executions and general 1984ness. Nepal is pretty screwed up already, well on its way to Somalia.

Bug 262173 new firefox icon appears to be giant red panda that is humping south america

A very strange Bugzilla report.

We all suck

A list of what America sucks at

Desktop screenshot

Originally uploaded by jhf.
I think I've finally got my desktop the way I want it. Huge amounts of information available in a few clicks, but everything is hideable. I've got my background images on random, and change the coloring of everything a few times a week. I think I should find a better weather applet, and a system monitoring tool, but that's about it.


Receding Glaciers

Now try and tell me the glaciers aren't receding. This is really sad, I really like glaciers. They are beautiful, and important geologic factor and enable skiing at Whistler during the summer. Via boingboing.


Pre-Columbian trans-oceanic contact

Truly fascinating reading. No, I am not being sarcastic.


Create a noble title

Flywheel.org's Random Title and Name Generator. From now on I am no longer Mr. Instead, call me Master Inspector of The Division For Investigating Media


These kids think we are living in an society. I've thought that we're going through rough times, but Ingsoc‽
Note: This is a joke. I Think.

Did you know that !? can be written as a single character, called the Interrobang

Snack reviews

Taquitos.net is a website devoted to things that are salty/sugary. They pick out snacks and then post a review. Pretty interesting website, but pointless.

Why Cantwell voted for Rice

At YourCongress.com. Basically, she calls her qualified. Normally I agree with Senator Cantwell, but this is pretty far from my views. I was against Rice because she is basically Bush's lapdog. The Secretary of State should have as few connections as possible with American politics, so they can remain neutral during crises and negotiations.


Tech Support

Flash cartoon on outsourcing

Wanted: One Teleporter Tester

Must be willing to be shredded, then reassembled. Travel not specified.

RSS Newspapers

Check out this list of newspapers with RSS goodness. Perfect for KNewsticker.

Transparent .png not working in IE.

I made a little decorative 50s style starry thing that I put in various places around my blog. I made it with a transparent background, and everything worked perfectly on my Firefox/Linux computer at home. Same with the school Portable Firefox/Windows. But the IE/Windows computer displays the background as white. WTF is up with that? I want transparent background dammit!

What our senator is up to

Maria Cantwell: tough on tsunamis.

Viktor Yuschenko blogging.

Viktor Yuschenko now has a blog. He probably doesn't write for it, but it is always interesting when public figures open up blogs. Check it out.


Holy crap, Lexus cars can now get virii by Bluetooth. Imagine the havoc which could be wreaked by this! Some things, such as human implants and cars, just should not have Bluetooth.


Fark Sells Out. France Surrenders


Italian Police Arrest 46 in Big Mafia Operation. Reuters can't come up with a better word than big.

Shouldn't Reuters be able to come up with something better than big to describe a mafia sting? Like elaborate, or grand or great or something along those lines.

NPR : Gates, Norway Team for Global Vaccine Donations. NPR using annoying headlines again.

NPR is using the word "team" as a verb. PLEASE don't do this NPR! Normally you are so polished and doubleplus good with the English language. Using team as a verb makes you sound like some '80s cartoon show. Superwonder team or similar.


Never trust prank calls asking you to delete your hard drive

A mixed track made up of the Windows default noises.

And a flash video showing production
At ebaumbsworld



I'm feeling well enough today that I can come to school on Monday.


Strange museums.

Memepool linked to the Unusual Museums of the Internet Web Ring, and I've been checking them out. The Toilet seat art one was odd.

What You'll Wish You'd Known

What You'll Wish You'd Known by Paul Graham is a long article, but worth reading. Basically, he says treat school like a day job, don't waste time, and learn stuff outside of school.

How to travel less than 500 miles in 1685.9 miles.

Brought to you by...MSN maps.


Boston terror threat?

Check this out. Hopefully just more fear mongering or a prank. The threat involves a dirty bomb. The suspects are all Chinese.
EDIT Jan 22nd. Benign, says World Terrorism Report

I'm sick

Don't know what with, but I'm miserable. 103.6 fever, hurts to breathe or cough and light headedness, as well as my body's response to any sickness, a very runny nose.


My dog is an American High School Student!

My dog received this in the mail today. I'm so proud of him! Click to enlarge.


A recue helicopter in India checking on a tribe to see if they survived the Tsunami was met by a barrage of arrows.
BBC story
Best quote from the article: "A senior police officer said the crew were not hurt and the authorities are taking it as a sign that the tribes have not been wiped out by the earthquake and sea surges as many had feared. "


Who reads this?

I'm just curious as to who is reading this. Everyone who is, post a comment saying who you are. Thanks.

Internet radio is excellent!

Recently, I decided I'd click on the My Streams button in Zinf, and I've been pleasantly surprised. Internet Radio is a buzzword for streaming audio. There are thousands of streaming stations to listen to, carrying everything from traditional Persian music, to industrial and everything in between.
It takes some strain if you are on dial up, because it constantly uses about 16k of bandwidth, but you are probably using broadband by now. The source I use is Shoutcast, which is owned by AOL(shudder). The best thing about Internet Radio is that it is free of charge and of annoying Disc Jockeys. I have used it to listen to music I would have never tried because of the cost and the risk I would not enjoy the music. So download Zinf or WinAmp or something and try it out.


Grape in Microwave=fun

Finally, after months of having this site in my bookmarks folder, I took a grape, cut it and put it in the microwave. Grape plasma ensued.


Due to some fucked up issues with SP2, this won't work with WindowsSP2 and Internet Explorer.
Here is a DIRECT LINK to the video.


First images of Titan by Huygen!

This image was first linked to by... Fark!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Huygens lands on Titan

Huygens landed!!!




Do you want to know the truth about vandalism at the school? For a few days, the school Senate has been suppressing information from you about vandalism at the school and thus endangering the welfare of the school.

In January 2005, Mel Gibson and Michael Moore met with an unknown group of students in the Bush Upper School to discuss how to use a can of spray paint. As it happens, they engaged in conspiring and ended up hatching a plan involving the bowling club at the school.As a result, all details of the meeting were suppressed, as was information about dealings with the t-shirt committee and their ties to spray paint education.

A report in scRambler was mysteriously pulled from newsstands a few days ago. The article implicated high-ranking officials in the Chile trip group, various plumbers, and, perhaps not surprisingly, Michael Jackson. According to the report, passages in the book "Tykoe 1999" and lyrics in Capitol Basement's music point to a connection between these individuals and vandalism at the school.

According to a spokesman at scRambler, the issue was pulled because of printing errors. However, individuals who saw the original copies say that there were no printing irregularities and that the re-issue differed from the original only in the absence of this article.

The lies and deception must be stopped. Don't let the government hide the facts about vandalism at the school any longer. Learn the truth!

I wrote this for the school newspaper, using the conspiracy generator.


It appears that the Washington governor’s race might be over. For now. Christine Gregoire won the final recount with 129 votes out of 2,810,058. She was sworn in Wednesday the 12th before cheering Democrats and silent Republicans in a joint session of the state House and Senate. Dino Rossi has filed suit saying the elections were wrought with fraud, dead people voting, soldiers not receiving ballots in time and that there were 3,500 more votes than voters in King County.

The Palestinians voted on a new president on Sunday 2005-01-09, electing Mahmoud Abbas. He got about 66.3% of the vote, beating the nearest challenger Mustafa Barghouti, who got 21%. The moderate Abbas has pledged to work more closely with Israel than the last president, Yasser Arafat, who was under house arrest by the Israelis until his death.

I wrote this for the school newspaper.


Legal stuff

I've put a Creative Commons link in the footer. Check it out to see how you can use the stuff I post here at this place. Not that anyone would want to use any of it.


How to make cookie model MIL-C-44072C.

Google Cached page

Via This Is Broken



Do you want to know the truth about The Watchers? For 47 years, the Senate has been suppressing information from you about The Watchers and thus endangering the welfare of AARL.

In November 1913, Dick Cheney met with Bill O'Reilly in Seattle to discuss Iraq. As it happens, they engaged in Cake and ended up hatching a plan involving the The Order in USA.

As a result, all details of the meeting were suppressed, as was information about dealings with Microsoft and their ties to Falafel sex.

A report in Weekly World News was mysteriously pulled from newsstands in July of last year. The article implicated high-ranking officials in PETA, various Plumbers, and, perhaps not surprisingly, Michael Jackson. According to the report, passages in the book "Harry Potter" and lyrics in Janet Jackson 's music point to a connection between these individuals and The Watchers.

According to a spokesman at Weekly World News, the issue was pulled because of printing errors. However, individuals who saw the original copies say that there were no printing irregularities and that the re-issue differed from the original only in the absence of this article.

The lies and deception must be stopped. Don't let the government hide the facts about The Watchers any longer. Learn the truth!

Generated here

MRI Accidents

A MRI stole a janitor's floor buffer a few days ago, so I went online to find more MRI mishaps. I was successful.


Something's fishy about that sub

My somethings not right sense has been screaming over the alleged running aground of an American sub. The submarine USS San Fransisco hit something a few days ago, injuring 23 and killing 1. Typical of the Navy, they have released almost no other information. Excuse me while I put on my Aluminium Foil Hat, but I think they are keeping something from us.
Why was it going 30 knots? A sub at that speed would be heard for kilometers around. Especially in a region not known for its friendlyness to Americans. What did it hit? The Navy says it hit an "undersea mountain". Excuse me, but I thought the seafloor had been charted dozens of years ago. And just what was it doing in the region. Could it have hit, say, an Iranian or Chinese sub? Wait, my foil hat is falling off. Need to put it on. Must... keep... thoughts... in... head...

Abbas wins!

In case you haven't heard yet, Mahmoud Abbas has won the Palestinian election. A smart move by the Palestinian people, chosing calm reason over violent reactionary. Too bad Americans didn't make that choice back in November...

Fun with webcams

Remember when someone figured out how to view webcams using google a few days ago? Brian Smith created a page that takes random images from them and posts them. Be aware the site is being boingboinged, so try again in a few days.


The Dubya administration's war on Wolves

NPR has an audio clip (.smil or .wma) about how the Bush administration is to allow people to kill wolves that are suspected of harassing livestock. Previously, there had to be wounded or killed livestock. The damage on the estimated population of 800 wolves will be severely damaged by this. It is guesstimated by the federal government that hunters will kill 10% of the wolf population a year.

That's like killing off 648,870,279 humans per year.

Why'd they do this? Maybe the Bush administration is just taking a shot (literally) at what Clin-ton's administration did. Well, at least Wyoming isn't letting this new rule to take effect. I say just track all the wolves with GPS collars or implants and set up a server to email farmers when a wolf is near their land, allowing the farmers to put their livestock in a paddock or palisade until the wolf leaves.


Iranians blocking websites

/. has a post about the Iranian govenment's recent crack down on Iranian dissenters. Iran moves up on my evil list a few notches. If the Iranian government thinks that a few thousand blogs and email services are a threat to a totalitarian regime which has been very effective at brutally killing dissent, then they aren't a very stable government, and are just waiting for a revolution to happen from inside. What is Iran trying to hide?


Computer BSoDs, as William C. Gates demonstrates it to CES

From a blog posting from the CES floor, talking about Gates' keynote. There were also Windows Media center and camera problems.

Ann Coulter is teh sux0rs

In this recent column by the bitch, she attacks Patty Murray by quoting Murray as saying:
"Well, he has been in many countries that are riddled with poverty. People don't have homes, no sewers, no roads, no schools, no health care, no facilities just to make sure that their daily lives were OK. He's been out in these countries for decades, building schools, building roads, building infrastructure, building day-care facilities, building health-care facilities, and the people are extremely grateful."
What the bitch fails to quote is Murray's preceding sentence:
"Osama bin Laden has been very, very effective. We've got to ask, 'Why is this man so popular around the world? Why are people so supportive of him in many countries?'
And following sentence
"He's made their life better. We have not done that. We haven't been out in any of these countries helping them build their infrastructure."
Murray was attempting to explain the reason Central Asia hates us. She was stating the truth, although she could have done it in a less vulnerable way. Osama helped them a small amount, while America did nothing, save drop a few bombs on a training camp back when Clin-ton was president and buy their opium.

Well Ms. Bitch, I can take quotes of yours out of context as well.
Ann Coulter, after years of saying "Liberals hate America," said "liberals love America" (She did in the linked column, in the last paragraph) See how fun that is?


The state of businesses on the intrawebs

Is summed up on this great parody site.

Supreme Court member Stephen Breyer reports for jury duty.

I thought that jury duty was only for people too stupid to get out of it. Luckily, Justice Stephen Breyer was able to get out of it.

/Wants to try jury duty someday.
//Why am I using slashes on my blog?



This guy called every single 867-5309 in the country. Apparently, even such a famous number is out of service in at least 60% of all tried area codes.


Show Political data

I'm working on a way to show political data using the popular 80x15 format.
Using the Buttonmaker.
  1. First, take the Political Compass Quiz. If you know of another quiz that is better and gives out numerical values, use it and put the link in the comment section.
  2. Then take the numbers at the bottom and round them to the nearest tenths place.
  3. On the Buttonmaker, enter the left section PD, for political data.
  4. In the right side, put in the rounded numbers, Left/Right first, then Libertarian/Authoritarian. Use a "n" to represent negative values.
  5. After the numbers, put the initial of the political party you are closest to. If you hate them all just put "I".
  6. Work with the spacing so everything fits, and set the colors anyway you want.
  7. Save the button to your server, and post it on your blog linking a post on your blog describing your politics in detail, because let's face it, a 80x15 button can't show everything.
  8. Repeat about once every two months.

Crewmen Ration and Lose Weight on ISS by eating mostly candy

NYT. But will the astronauts write a book?


80x15 Button Maker

Make your own 80x15 badges for your blog. I created a Place of Stuff! one, so use that if you are linking to me.


Check out this list of stuff those brainwashing, blackmailing, cultist, thieving, dresser uppers have copyrighted. For a "religion" they seem to have a lot of stuff copyrighted. Shouldn't a religion have its holy information free for all to see? Also, when did using quotatin marks to show the author's dislike for something come into use?


Lirty Dies

The Capitol Steps have a new Lirty Dies
(Flip the words) out about the 2004 presidential election!

Dave Barry Retiring

Dave Barry has written his last weekly column. I've been reading his columns since I was seven or eight and am sad to see him stop writing his weekly column. He says he will continue to write columns if important things happen, like if a cow explodes in a boat toilet. Best of luck!

Tsunami GIF

From Wikipedia, showing the Tsunami's path.

Kevin Sites Blog

Kevin Sites is blogging again. You may remember him for taking the video a Marine shooting a wounded Iraqi a while back. He stopped blogging after that incident. Now he appears to be in Thailand covering the Tsunami.

Happy New Year!

I hope 2005 goes better than 2004, both for the world, nationaly and personally.