The Dubya administration's war on Wolves

NPR has an audio clip (.smil or .wma) about how the Bush administration is to allow people to kill wolves that are suspected of harassing livestock. Previously, there had to be wounded or killed livestock. The damage on the estimated population of 800 wolves will be severely damaged by this. It is guesstimated by the federal government that hunters will kill 10% of the wolf population a year.

That's like killing off 648,870,279 humans per year.

Why'd they do this? Maybe the Bush administration is just taking a shot (literally) at what Clin-ton's administration did. Well, at least Wyoming isn't letting this new rule to take effect. I say just track all the wolves with GPS collars or implants and set up a server to email farmers when a wolf is near their land, allowing the farmers to put their livestock in a paddock or palisade until the wolf leaves.


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