It appears that the Washington governor’s race might be over. For now. Christine Gregoire won the final recount with 129 votes out of 2,810,058. She was sworn in Wednesday the 12th before cheering Democrats and silent Republicans in a joint session of the state House and Senate. Dino Rossi has filed suit saying the elections were wrought with fraud, dead people voting, soldiers not receiving ballots in time and that there were 3,500 more votes than voters in King County.

The Palestinians voted on a new president on Sunday 2005-01-09, electing Mahmoud Abbas. He got about 66.3% of the vote, beating the nearest challenger Mustafa Barghouti, who got 21%. The moderate Abbas has pledged to work more closely with Israel than the last president, Yasser Arafat, who was under house arrest by the Israelis until his death.

I wrote this for the school newspaper.


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