Show Political data

I'm working on a way to show political data using the popular 80x15 format.
Using the Buttonmaker.
  1. First, take the Political Compass Quiz. If you know of another quiz that is better and gives out numerical values, use it and put the link in the comment section.
  2. Then take the numbers at the bottom and round them to the nearest tenths place.
  3. On the Buttonmaker, enter the left section PD, for political data.
  4. In the right side, put in the rounded numbers, Left/Right first, then Libertarian/Authoritarian. Use a "n" to represent negative values.
  5. After the numbers, put the initial of the political party you are closest to. If you hate them all just put "I".
  6. Work with the spacing so everything fits, and set the colors anyway you want.
  7. Save the button to your server, and post it on your blog linking a post on your blog describing your politics in detail, because let's face it, a 80x15 button can't show everything.
  8. Repeat about once every two months.


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