Something's fishy about that sub

My somethings not right sense has been screaming over the alleged running aground of an American sub. The submarine USS San Fransisco hit something a few days ago, injuring 23 and killing 1. Typical of the Navy, they have released almost no other information. Excuse me while I put on my Aluminium Foil Hat, but I think they are keeping something from us.
Why was it going 30 knots? A sub at that speed would be heard for kilometers around. Especially in a region not known for its friendlyness to Americans. What did it hit? The Navy says it hit an "undersea mountain". Excuse me, but I thought the seafloor had been charted dozens of years ago. And just what was it doing in the region. Could it have hit, say, an Iranian or Chinese sub? Wait, my foil hat is falling off. Need to put it on. Must... keep... thoughts... in... head...


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