For when you just have to insult someone in a creative and interesting way.

Looking for some Uranium?

I found this here

Bank of America loses data

Guess how? Some baggage handler swiped some data tapes from an airport. The Senator from Vermont lost his data. BoA is going to get some serious investigation, hopefully. I have an account with BoA, but I am currently switching to Washington Mutual.


Today is the day Fark bought naming rights to the Fleet Center. But they named it the Boston Garden! WTF were they thinking! This is an UFIA to all Farkers. UFIA Arena would have been so much better than Boston Garden. I was really looking forward to today but now it is ruined.



I just got done with my last day at Whistler, and this has been my worst visit to the resort ever. The snow was just craptacular. It is a thin(.5-3cm) layer of meek snow atop a giant block of ice, topped with death cookies and fallen snowboarders. This may change, because the first snow in two weeks may fall on Sunday. The day after I leave. Many of the runs were closed because there was no snow on them, and many of the bowls were upgraded to Experts Only due to ice. The temperatures were insane, up to 10c. However, there were many less people than usual. Only the fools like us who made reservations in advance were in the region. Also, I have to use my old Windows partition to post this, because I lack the skills to get my internal Wifi card to work on my Linux partition.


Global Warming

Why the hell was it 10C on top of Blackcomb mountain? And why are all Washington state ski places closed? Hmm... I wonder.



You know how Mirosoft names their OSes after the Whistler area? Windows XP was Whistler, the next one is Longhorn, then Blackcomb? Longhorn is named after the bar that is supposedly between the two. But the bar isn't! It is right next to Whistler Mountain! Is this a metaphor saying that Longhorn won't be much different from XP? Only time will tell.


Toshiba laptops are teh suxors

The AC plugin port on my Toshiba Satellite 1955 has broken, because I used it. The problem is the battery will not charge unless the cable is pulling upwards while in the socket. This is accomplished by positioning the cable so it tugs on the socket. It first took almost no pressure for this to work, but now I have to have it jammed in the laptop's joint. This problem was professionally fixed once before. The problem is caused by plugging the cable in or taking it out. Which is what it was DESIGNED to do. Why hasn't Toshiba issued a recall? I've read dozens of other complaints by people with the same problem. I am looking for a new laptop, and I will definately not buy Toshiba again.


Well, I applied for a weeklong paging position in the Washington State Senate, and was accepter. I may not be able to do it, because it is the week of the 15th, which is the week after finals. I also turned in my application for the Library page position.


I'm going to Whistler for a week tomorrow. I may send posts by mail, I may not.


/\/\1(r0$0f7 0/\/ 1337

Microsoft's guide to leetspeek is very strange reading.

Gmail invite 10 months late

My old @comcast.net account just got an email from Gmail, offering me an invite! Wow! I've only been waiting 10 months! Back when Gmail was the new hotness, I signed up to receive an invite by email. The thing is I've had Gmail since June '04. I don't think anyone who was desperate enough for Gmail to sign up for a corporate newsletter still is without, rendering Gmail's emails pointless.


Food additives

Cooking For Engineers has compiled a list of the most common food additives, including the source, side effects and common usage. I really never knew that almost all colors came from petroleum. Yech. I'm sure that has great long term effects.

UFIA Arena

Fark has named the Boston FleetCenter UFIA Arena. This is an exciting new era for websites when they can rename sports arenas after a rude act such as an UFIA. Once the Fundies realize the acronym's meaning(Unsolicited Finger In the Anus), this should get interesting. What other accomplishments will other sites do now? Perhaps Slashdot will buy a Tux billboard across from the Microsoft campus. Only time will tell.
Also, if you can read this, then post-by-email works. W00T!


UFOs in Christian Religious Paintings

A bit weird. Some of the items are obviously paintings of comets or representations of God/the sun, but a few are objects. Another problem is how would the painters know they were there. Still sort of interesting.
It is like those Hindi(?) ones showing the flaming, flying chariots raining fire down upon humans.


Geocaching thingee

As you can tell, I added a little button showing my Geocaching finds number. Now, it links to my Geocaching profile,
but I am going to try to link it to my stats page.

Amazon reviews

This Amazon user posts humorous reviews to products he doesn't actually own. Read his review for the Crotch Massager.


Israel downed 2 Syrian MiGs last September over sea

Isn't it interesting that the Syrians are only talking about this now?

Sarcastic eBay feedback by sample1234

No one ever reads eBay feedback, so this guy responds humorously.


Lokitorrent down

Crap! Lokitorrent has been shut down by the MPAA. I was going to go check out to see if they had any new books, and I get some MPAA thing. Searching around the Web, I found that the MPAA has full server logs. Will the MPAA use these logs to prosecute people on the network? Knowing them, yes, they most certainly will.

My God, this is sad

At GoogleNews, there are 1,729 stories on the Prince Charles wedding, and oly 1,133 about NORTH FARKING KOREA FARKING ADMITTING THEY HAVE NUCLEAR WEAPONS! Are we so focued on some inbred Brit that a HUGE news story such as the admittal has less stories?


Free SMS. And this way is legal too!

If you set your SMS preferences to gprs, the SMSes are free because you are using the packet network instead of the phone network. Now if only I could find my phone.

Cooking For Engineers

Recipies aren't exactly designed for the Left Thinker. Their text based format is sometimes hard to understand or follow. This site attempts to solve that problem. Rather then giving us recepies in standard recepie format, it has a graphical table format. It is sort of hard to describe, so visit the sites. It makes Cheesecake look easy!


I'm applying for a job

I've decided I'm going for it. 5 hours a week and $9.31 an hour. Pretty good for a 15 year old.


Jawa Sand cruiser now available at Amazon.com

is not something I'd expect to see at Amazon.

4 Gigapixel camera.

Check out this Wired article about a guy who built a 4 gigapixel(!) camera out of old machines. And the guy's website. Damn, one gigapixel. My camera is 1.3 megapixels. I feel so inadequate.



A great video(flash) of a firework so large it overloads the camera sensor.

Should I apply for a job?

A librarian at the library I volunteered at last week called up asking me to apply for a page job. The job is a part time just doing misc. tasks around the library, and pays $9.31 an hour. But I don't really need a job. It would be nice to have some spending money, but I don't buy very much. And in this economy should I leave the position for someone who does actually need the job? Any advice about a first job?

Full details on the job here (PDF! Click at your peril!)

Grassroots organization in action

This is an example of what the internet can for organization. A bunch of Star Trek fans are organizing an international effort to get fans to pay for the show. If they can get the media to cover it with a "Trekkies pay for television angle", they might actually succeed. Godspeed folks.


Remember the Bulge? It's back and FAIR is there.

Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting has written an article saying that the New York Times cancelled an investigative article about The Bulge, because it was too close to the election and may have changed the result. So the NYT has adopted the Prime Directive of not interfering with a primitive culture? I think that it is the duty of the real press to tell the public whatever information they have, as long as it is accurate and well researched.

Wikipedia current events

This is the best news site I have seen. I read dozens of sources, and I haven't seen half of these stories. Does that mean that it is a good news site, or that every other news site sucks?

Blue State Geek

Well, apparently I am blogging for Blue State Geek now. I am not sure how that is going to work out. I am of course going to continue writing here, but what do I put at BSG? Any suggestions?


Humorous nail warning sticker

Warning: do not shoot nails through any part of your body.

Gmail invites?

I have 50 for some reason. Anyone want one?


Blog Herald on Blog Burnout

In a recent post on Blog Herald, the author talks about a Conservative blogger who has run out of stuff to rant about since the election I've noticed a decrease in original material on my blog, but I haven't totally burned out yet.

Abrupt climate change research

Sounds like Cantwell and Collins just watched The Day After Tomorrow.

Wisdom Teeth Adventure

As readers of this blog know, I got all four of my wisdom teeth out. I am still groggy and out of it, so excuse the typos and suckyness. At about 1030, I took some pills, then got driven to the hospital. They took me to a room and stuck an IV in my arm. A lot of stuff was injected into the IV stream, and then I remember waking up in a recovery room. I sat there for a while, a wheelchair came and picked me up, and the next thing I knew I was in the car heading home. I can only eat cold, soft things, but barely. I have no feeling in my head cause of the Novocaine, which leads to comical difficulty eating. I'll have a huge blob of pudding sitting on my chin, but I won't realize it. Not comical is the fluid in my mouth. Spitting removes the stitches, swallowing tugs on them and hurts, so the only option is letting it dribble into a trash can, which is nasty because it is mainly blood.

State of the Union photos

As I sit here, drifting away from some weird pills I have to take prior to the tooth extraction, I can't help laughing at thesepictures. Highlights include Bush's pronunciation key, and the Nazi salute.

Wisdom teeth

I'm going in to get them removed in about and hour. How fun.


Ann Coulter pwned

Ann Coulter argues with a Canadian whether or not Canada sent troops to Vietnam. At Crooks and Liars