Wisdom Teeth Adventure

As readers of this blog know, I got all four of my wisdom teeth out. I am still groggy and out of it, so excuse the typos and suckyness. At about 1030, I took some pills, then got driven to the hospital. They took me to a room and stuck an IV in my arm. A lot of stuff was injected into the IV stream, and then I remember waking up in a recovery room. I sat there for a while, a wheelchair came and picked me up, and the next thing I knew I was in the car heading home. I can only eat cold, soft things, but barely. I have no feeling in my head cause of the Novocaine, which leads to comical difficulty eating. I'll have a huge blob of pudding sitting on my chin, but I won't realize it. Not comical is the fluid in my mouth. Spitting removes the stitches, swallowing tugs on them and hurts, so the only option is letting it dribble into a trash can, which is nasty because it is mainly blood.


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