An eventful day on the floor

The morning was normal but the time we were on the floor was... Interesting.
The first item might not sound interesting, but to me it was. The bill was to require contractors, not the people paying the contractors, to be liable if the contractor doesn't pay the subcontractor.

Like I said earlier, not very interesting to most. But when our family remodeled, our first contractor stopped paying the subcontractors after the subcontractors had finished the demolition and were about to begin. Things got pretty ugly, and I'm not going into more detail from there. A lot of the Senators were speaking their experiences with contractors not paying subcontractors, so the bill passed.

After a few other bills, lights began flashing all over the room accompanied by loud tones. I recognized it as a fire alarm and leaped to my feet. I looked around at everyone else and they were all sitting and looking around in confusion. I sat back down and an announcement came through from Security informing us of a "fire emergency." We then left the building and hung around until they finished with the "fire emergency." I don't know whether it was actually a fire, but I overheard a Senator saying it was a grease fire in the House kitchen.

The next big event was the strangest of the day. The entire Senate was in hysterics for several minutes and couldn't come out of it. Everytime someone tried to say something everyone else started laughing. A senator forgot to move something into 3rd hearing, so the Senate President said that the bill wouldn't move itself, causing the room to chuckle. Then the President made a comment saying his previous comment wasn't really that funny, causing people to laugh again, and things went downhill from there. Everyone tried different tactics to stop laughing, and failed. It finally stopped when the President just went forward with the session.

After this, everyone was a bit jolly during the debate on whether cell phone use should be banned in cars with the exception of a hands free system. Senators were acting out what they were saying (with mixed success) and playing jokes on each other.


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