Hubble: not worth saving

It may surprise some of you, my readers, (Ha! Like I have any readers!) that I am against sending a mission to save the Hubble telescope.
Although the telescope has contributed a lot of information that can't be attained through any other means, and has taken some beautiful pictures that currently grace both my walls and several images on my random wallpaper, it is reaching the end of its usefulness . It is mechanically failing and is obsolete.
In fact, the whole advantage of space telescopes (No image distortion because it is outside the atmosphere) is soon to be non-existent, because of telescopes that can flex their mirrors to adapt to the atmosphere, yielding space telescope quality but with Earth based telescope size.
The money that would be spent to repair Hubble would be much better used to build either a ground based adaptive telescope, or if they really have to, a new space based telescope.

Since I don't post to Ben's blog often, I guess I'll post this there, as well as to Place of Stuff.


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