Christianity's practicality vs. pagan god practicality

I can't think of anything to blog, so here is a journal entry from 9th grade English about the book Enchantment by Orson Scott Card. In the book, local pagan gods (who actually exist) are being replaced by Christianity.

In the book, Christianity is portrayed as ineffective compared to the worship of local gods, and useless to the people of the region. Christianity and similar religions say that good behavior in this short life will earn an eternal paradise. But good behavior must be done by the people, with no help from God. The local gods being replaced say that worshiping them will allow the gods to help people in this life, but no afterlife. It's almost like gambling. People can either have an uncomfortable and moral life in the hope that an afterlife exists for them, or they can take the gamble it doesn't exist and have a comfortable life here now. Of course, if they are wrong, they're going Straight To Hell. In a place as harsh as Russia, many people would rather have relief from the crushing winter snows and coldness.


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