World War II Japanese soldiers still haven't surrendered.

Some more of them have been discovered! Maybe they should go to Russia, Japan never signed a peace treaty with them.


Translate web sites into English dialects

Have you ever wondered what whitehouse.gov would look like if Dubya wrote it? Now you can!The Dialectizer can translate plain english into a variety of dialects, from Haxor to Jive.


What do you want to tell humans living 50,000 years from now?

You can write up to four pages. When I get around to writing something, I'll post it. Here it is


You know those multi thousand dollar one time use bomb detonating robots?

US soldiers in Iraq can do it for the price of a RC car. Night operation requires duct tape and a flash light.

New puppy

New puppy
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Yes, I KNOW it is a stereotype for bloggers to post pictures of their pets but dammit, I've earned that right. This is our new puppy, Bella. She is a 10 week old mutt of some sort. There is an energy field around her causing any photo taken of her to suck, but she was sleeping so the field was down when I took this one.

Unfortunate ad placement

Unfortunate ad placement
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On the left is a column regarding a false alarm at Krakatoa. On the right is an ad for a mountaineering tv show exclaiming "Watch the Action Unfold". Um, no.


Star Wars III is the biggest anti-Iraq movie since Fahrenheit 9111

WaPo has a great 5 page article about how Star Wars III is really a cautionary tale about what happens when people go from a republic to an empire.


Robotic Doom Cometh

In scary news this week, humanity's doom came a few years closer, with robots that can self replicate, and a new fuel cell that runs on human blood. Now they have a method and a motive for their revolution.


Social Security flash movie

If you are like me and confused and apathetic over the Social Security debate, check out
flash movie. I'm not sure if the figure are accurate, but the movie really explains it well. Also, it is pretty sad if the only way to get me to learn about social security is a flash movie.



It's time for another writearound produced by Michael Nipert's 9<sup>th</sup> grade English, B block. I wrote only the first 2 sentences, conveniently put under em tags.

<em>The traffic was almost nonexistant, for a shocking, horrifying reason. Gasoline... it's made from people!</em>
Or is it? Is it just another lie? Is talk radio not the best piece of trash in the world? Bodies being found in tankers? Were these people high or something? You look around you, you are in a car. Suddenly thoughts swirl in your mind if their was a dead body in YOUR car. You look around as if excpecting to find a body in your backseat. You find none, but you hear a scream and a thump from outside. A lump appears in your throat, your vision blurs, a good thig since you are much to afraid to look. a horn honks, you are jolted awake. You think to yourself, "I was just day dreaming" but the scream comes again,louder this time. It is the sound of a dying old man, he has been hit by your car. You get out of the car to see if he is dead. Yes, the old man was gone, so i did the only logical thing i could think of, turn him into gasoline.


I'm ashamed to call myself a Kansan

NYT on how Kansan fudies are going beyond introducing creationism, to actually changing the definition of the word science. It is proposed to be changed from "seeking natural explanations for what we observe around us," to "continuing investigation that uses observation, hypothesis testing, measurement, experimentation, logical argument and theory building to lead to more adequate explanations of natural phenomena." Notice that the term Natural Explanations is removed, leaving it open to creationism. Saying that "We don't know, so we're going to say some sort of magical intelligence" as an explanation for something is not science. It's mythology, like saying that the sun and the moon are chariots.
Also, I'm not one of those people who says that all research into how life got from bacteria to me should be stopped in favor of Evolution. If someone can produce a theory that has more evidence in its favorand doesn't resort to saying "We don't know, so we're going to say some sort of magical intelligence", I'm for it.

I would also like to take the opportunity to say that not all Kansans are like that. I'm a Kansan (It's where I spent the longest amount of time in my life, so I guess it's home) and I'm not like that. There are pockets of Kansas, like Douglas county that are very rational. My grandma is in her 80s and is fuming over this, as is everyone else in Kansas who has evolved past a certain stage of humanity.


Maria Cantwell is in Darfur

Maria Cantwell is touring Darfur. That's all the article says about her, but it is a good sign if our Senator is touring Darfur. Maybe she'll use this as a campaign issue, or introduce legislation.


The Republicans are Failing

It seems to me, through casual observation, that the Republicans have failed at most of their high publicity agenda items this year.

  • Social Security

The Republicans have failed to convince the majority of Americans that anything is wrong with Social Security. They have also failed to deceive people into thinking that personal accounts are not privitizaion of Social Security. What the Democrats should do is come up with their own plan, however minor in scope it may be, pass it and claim victory.

  • Terri Shiavo

As you know, Terri Shiavo was the subject of a memo(must read!) saying that she was a great pro-life issue to get more support from their base. This got exposed and talked about, despite a right wing blog attempt to claim it a fraud. It inspired revulsion among most people, that the GOP would exploit a family tradgedy for personal gain. Again, the Democrats didn't really hold the GOP to the fire over this.

  • Nuclear Option

The Republicans haven't done much with this, except to change history by saying that the word Nuclear Option was invented by the Democrats. Even though it was Bill Frist who invented it. They are normally good with these word games, calling private accounts personal accounts, the Invasion of Iraq becomes Operation Iraqi freedom, Christian Fundamentalists and Theocratic supporters become People of Faith and so on. But trying to change a word they invented, Nuclear Option, to the preferred Constitutinal Option failed. In fact this whole thing appears to fail. No one in America, except the party leadership of the Democrats and Republicans, wants a single party to have total control. It's just a Bad Thing. On this issue, the Democrats haven't had to lift a finger, because the concept of one party control disgusts most people.

It seems the only major thing the Republicans have succeeded in recently is Drilling in the ANWR, but that barely scraped through.

The moral of all these: Republicans are rapidly losing their power, but Democrats aren't seizing the opportunity to get some public support.


What Historical Lunatic am I?

I'm Caligula!
Which Historical Lunatic Are You?
From the fecund loins of Rum and Monkey.


You may thnk that the genocide in Darfur in Sudan is over because of the lack of media coverage in America (too busy with that person who was going to get married but then didn't want to and run away but then did). Just the other day there was another attack.
There is still sporadic violence in the area, but the main problem now is keeping the refugees alive. There are about 2 million of them in Western Darfur and Eastern Chad, according to the UN.
Someone has to talk about this.


A pessimistic history of the internet

Worth a read, but the window is very, very wide.