The Republicans are Failing

It seems to me, through casual observation, that the Republicans have failed at most of their high publicity agenda items this year.

  • Social Security

The Republicans have failed to convince the majority of Americans that anything is wrong with Social Security. They have also failed to deceive people into thinking that personal accounts are not privitizaion of Social Security. What the Democrats should do is come up with their own plan, however minor in scope it may be, pass it and claim victory.

  • Terri Shiavo

As you know, Terri Shiavo was the subject of a memo(must read!) saying that she was a great pro-life issue to get more support from their base. This got exposed and talked about, despite a right wing blog attempt to claim it a fraud. It inspired revulsion among most people, that the GOP would exploit a family tradgedy for personal gain. Again, the Democrats didn't really hold the GOP to the fire over this.

  • Nuclear Option

The Republicans haven't done much with this, except to change history by saying that the word Nuclear Option was invented by the Democrats. Even though it was Bill Frist who invented it. They are normally good with these word games, calling private accounts personal accounts, the Invasion of Iraq becomes Operation Iraqi freedom, Christian Fundamentalists and Theocratic supporters become People of Faith and so on. But trying to change a word they invented, Nuclear Option, to the preferred Constitutinal Option failed. In fact this whole thing appears to fail. No one in America, except the party leadership of the Democrats and Republicans, wants a single party to have total control. It's just a Bad Thing. On this issue, the Democrats haven't had to lift a finger, because the concept of one party control disgusts most people.

It seems the only major thing the Republicans have succeeded in recently is Drilling in the ANWR, but that barely scraped through.

The moral of all these: Republicans are rapidly losing their power, but Democrats aren't seizing the opportunity to get some public support.


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