It's time for another writearound produced by Michael Nipert's 9<sup>th</sup> grade English, B block. I wrote only the first 2 sentences, conveniently put under em tags.

<em>The traffic was almost nonexistant, for a shocking, horrifying reason. Gasoline... it's made from people!</em>
Or is it? Is it just another lie? Is talk radio not the best piece of trash in the world? Bodies being found in tankers? Were these people high or something? You look around you, you are in a car. Suddenly thoughts swirl in your mind if their was a dead body in YOUR car. You look around as if excpecting to find a body in your backseat. You find none, but you hear a scream and a thump from outside. A lump appears in your throat, your vision blurs, a good thig since you are much to afraid to look. a horn honks, you are jolted awake. You think to yourself, "I was just day dreaming" but the scream comes again,louder this time. It is the sound of a dying old man, he has been hit by your car. You get out of the car to see if he is dead. Yes, the old man was gone, so i did the only logical thing i could think of, turn him into gasoline.


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