Millenium Falcon is an actual ship!

The Millenium Falcon is a Bucket of bolts cargo carrier.

North Korea uses 1984 as a manual?

North Korea
I was listening to NPR yesterday, and they had the anchor of ABC World News Saturday on talking about his visit to North Korea.
It's just so strange what it is like over there. There are only two scheduled flight per week. When the reporter went touring the countryside, their government guides led them to areas(possibly set up) where the peasants all sang as they worked the rice paddies.
The most shocking thing the reporter said was the propaganda technology. In Pyongyang and some of the surrounding areas, all houses have speakers that spew propaganda 24/7. The speakers can be turned down, but never turned off. 19-fucking-84. Do they read that book as their operating manual? It's like the telescreens, except radio and one way. I wonder what they drill into people's minds as they sleep with their propaganda speakers turned as far down as possible, but never off.


A guy in Wisconsin cast the only vote for a referendum.

A guy was the only person eligible to vote on a referendum that he introduced. Even though he voted 17 minutes after poll opening, the poll workers had to hang around for 13 hours. The guy brought them pizza.


Air travel

This(PDF! Satan!) is the account of a passenger forced to sit next to the toilet on an airplane, complete with illustrations.



This is one of the saddest and most disgusting news stories I've read this year. A sample A customs inspector in New York first spotted a portion of the remains hanging off the wheel well of South Africa Airways Flight 203



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I was sitting outside in my hammock reading an e-book when this B-17 flew over. I quickly snapped a pic. The B-17 is in town taking people on rides for large amounts of money.

The US Army's new gun looks like a laser rifle.

The XM8, which is just beginning to be put into use, like
the lasers rifles used by the Stormtroopers on Star Wars. Just a random observance.