Travel Update

I'm in the Amsterdam airport, we have finished the Amsterdam portion of our trip. Amsterdam was pretty good, but the Dutch couldn't design an intersection to save their lives. I'm off to Edinburgh, Northumberland and the Highlands.



I'm going to be in Amsterdam and then Scotland for 2 weeks, leaving on the 23rd. So don't think I'm dead because I'm off IM and not blogging or emailing.

Old People are going to TAKE OVER THE WORLD

Think about it. They have a lifetime of knowledge and wisdom, and tons on idle time. The only thing stopping them has been their lack of physical uberness. Not any more. They now have powersuits, like those seen in the Matrix sequals and elsewhere. We must strike hard and fast with a computer virus to shut down their suits and end the Threat.


Violence vs. Sex

As you may be aware, the ESRB has changed the rating on Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas from M to AO, causing most retailers to stop carrying it. The reason for this was a hidden feature that allowed the main character to have sex unblurred and full frontal. As you also may be aware, GTA is also famous for giving the player the ability to do anything, which normally means that the player will do something mean with a chainsaw.
But what disturbs me is that the game got its AO for sex. Why is sex punished more than arteryspurting chainsaw action? Sex doesn't kill people (unless you get AIDS or something). In fact, sex actually makes people! Why is it in our society that sex is seen as worse than violence? I really have no farking clue. Insights, dear readers?


Scotty Died Today

James Doohan died today at 85 after Parkinson's and Alzheimer's.


Novels by RSS

This is a great idea! You subscribe to the RSS feed of the book you want to read, and a small amount of the book is sent to your RSS reader each day. This is perfect for those without the patience to read more than a few pages at a time, but still want to read a classic.

Fox will soon Own MySpace!

Yahoo says that News Corp is going to buy the owner of MySpace. Yet another reason that MySpace is Evillll!


"Hometown" Clear Channel

It's about noon on the 10th, and we just drove by Wichita's "Hometown" 24 station building. With a big Clear Channel sign on it. Fairly amusing. KSAS


Shuttle Blog

The Orlando Sentinel has an updated-as-it-happens blog up for the shuttle launch. Even though it has been cancelled for today, save this link for tomorrow or whenever it is launched next.



I offer my condolences to the people of London. I hope those who have been injured recover quickly and effectively. I hope that those who commuted in from the suburbs are able to find some way home (from Londoners' blogs, it looks like they are walking), and that the shutting down on the transportation system isn't just a way to prepare for a larger attack.
As the mayor of Paris said :"Today, we're all Londoners"

In Kansas

Once again, I am posting from the Oskaloosa Library in northeastern Kansas. I'm going to be here until tomorrow, when I head out west to Wichita for my aunt's wedding. I don't know if I will have access to email then, so don't be shocked if I don't respond until the 13th.


IP laws are potentially fatal.

This guy bought medicine for his Hepatitis in Europe that was unavailable in the US. After paying $25000 for it, he took the first half, but the second half was stolen by US customs because of IP and patent laws designed to protect the pharmaceutical industry here. He didn't get the second half of the medicine, so now he is getting worse. He's not going down without a fight however. He has set up a website.