United Sucks

As I write this, I am on United Airlines flight 909 from Amsterdam to Chicago, and I am reminded once again that Southwest and other similar carriers should pulverize United and other old carriers.
And now the problem. All the bathrooms in First class and Business class have stopped working. OK, so a sane, logical person would reroute them to the front two Steerage class bathrooms. United did that, but banned all of us plebians from using those two bathrooms of ours. So now the entire steerage class is using two bathrooms, so the patricians up there don't have to endure the horror of having to share a bathroom with us. I think that United is banking too much on getting the First and Business class passengers, and conciously making it awful for us in coach, to inspire us to upgrade classes. They should just have Southwest style seating on most flights, and have have seperate luxury flights if at all. Because as soon as discount carriers go international, steerage people will go there.
PS, sorry for sending this so late. Outlook Express and Palm Email also suck.


At 7:14 PM, Blogger BAG said...

united rules

fly economy plus exit row
more legroom then first class


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