Finally, pics of a Giant Squid!

For the first time ever, scientists have taken photos of a live Giant Squid. They baited it to come to a camera and hooked it to take pictures. The squid escaped when 2 of its arms came off (poor squid). This is awesome, I've been waiting for someone to get photos since I read an article on them when I was 6.



Ahoy me maties! I've just blown a network problem righ' out of the deep! The lesson of the day: never try an fix what ain't broke.


Dolphin Intelligence

In an article by The Guardian, several interesting actions by dolphins are listed.In one example Dolphins are rewarded with fish for cleaning dead gulls out of their tank with fish, so some of the dolphins use that fish to lure in and kill gulls to get more fish.


Zombie Survival MMORPG

Check out this free Zombie themed MMORPG called Urban Dead. You can start out as a human or a zombie and get 50 turns every 25 hours. The cool thing is if you die as a human, you become a zombie! And if you are a zombie, some humans can turn you back into a human, for a never ending cycle of zombifaction and de-zombifaction. Group with me- my username is Vercingetorix.