Interesting, uh, zombie conversation

In the game Urban Dead, people who play as zombies have only a limited speech capability. They can only say the letters H,R,M,A,N,G,B which makes only a limited number of sayings. And zombies enjoy those sayings. Here is a transcript from about 200 zombie folk currently besieging a mall.

* MolemanSA said "HrMAN HARBrGrR ARrh rNrrh Brh" (10-31 03:44 GMT)
* MolemanSA said "Rrh rrh mra ba rn hrh mrnrrh, brh" (10-31 03:44 GMT)
* A zombie said "Brnhr." (10-31 03:54 GMT)
* Mike Clark said "Hrman rh nrrh, namrh Grana, rh!" (10-31 03:55 GMT)
* Mike Clark said "Rh..... Hrman.... Nrrh....." (10-31 03:55 GMT)
* A zombie said "Mrh?" (10-31 04:00 GMT)
* A zombie said "Graaaagh!" (10-31 04:01 GMT)
* A zombie said "Graaaagh!" (10-31 04:04 GMT)
* Raz said "And with my last breath I curse the Mota and humanity. But now I shall rise and seek vengence on all who still draw breath. Down with humanity!! M!NANZ!!!!" (10-31 04:29 GMT)
* Eibos Glaaki said "Barhah! Ram, gang, ram! Grab barh! Bam, bam, bam! Man gang harm zambah! Zambah gang grab hambargharh, harm man gang!" (10-31 04:49 GMT)
* Eibos Glaaki said "Ba Ba Ba Ba-Babarann" (10-31 04:50 GMT)
* Gauldoth said "Amn barrrarh!" (10-31 05:04 GMT)
* A zombie said "Mrh?" (10-31 05:06 GMT)
* Gorbonzo said "Banana gangbang gramma HAR HAR! BARHAH!" (10-31 05:23 GMT)
* Xelnaga said "Banana rama" (10-31 05:27 GMT)
* Boris Baddinov said "Banana? BANANA!" (10-31 05:40 GMT)
* Eibos Glaaki said "BGrARzzBM HRrh BGrHAaBG..." (10-31 05:41 GMT)
* BigBlack said "Hrh grh, harng rn?" (10-31 05:49 GMT)
* A zombie said "Brnhr." (10-31 06:07 GMT)


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