Ownination continued

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One of the sites displaying the post


Kotaku, a gaming blog, found that their posts were being ripped and posted automatically onto various websites. They spoke out against this in a post. Which got put up onto those sites.

The horrible truth

"business sucks sale"
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Not by me, but hilarious

A "special" solution to the Iran situation.

This NRO guy's solution to the Iran situation is first to assassinate their nuclear scientists and leaders, and to replace Iran's world cup team with Israel's. Favorite quote: "[Israel] was eliminated in the qualifying stages only due to goal difference." or, they didn't get as many points.


Feat of skill

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The Dice! They Balance!



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I took this on a Metro Bus a while back. Anyone know why not just post instructions on this pillar?


Where has your money been

No, this isn't about how likely your money is to have blow on it(80%), but where it has actually been. You enter the serial number of a bill and write the URL onto the bill. You then spend the bill, and the next recipient finds the bill, enters the URL and then writes a log entry for the bill.


Something Awful Goon kills 2, self

William Freund, a 19 year old with Aspergers, killed himself and two of his neighbors the other day. Now on Something Awful, they found that he posted a thread as the goon forbiddingforum asking about buying shotgun shells in his area, which he got Perma-Banned for. Could this be used as evidence? Could the goon who gave advice be in some sort of trouble?

Goon Blistex told him:
1. You are making no fucking sense, please type in MS Word then paste here.
2. A pumpkin and a human life are not interchangable.
3. Gun shops have the righ not to sell their wares to morons.
4. If you shoot someone in California without proper reason you will go to jail.
5. Stay the fuck out fo TFR.

Goon DrakeriderCA said:
Paging Lincoln's Wax to thread number 1704519, we have a gimmick poster out of control/possible future legal problems. You guys understand how the media would jump on this if this fuckwad is real and actually shoots some kids this halloween, right? Fuck this.

Please, get the fuck out of TFR.

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