Java Sandbox

This java applet lets you play with sand, salt, water and oil. Have fun.


Fark up your brain for a few weeks.

This is the WMD of optical illusions. Look at an image of black bars over a colored background, and for a few hours or days, you will see all black bars to have a faint haze around them. Use this information at your own peril.

Goddamn, it has been almost a day and it is still there!
Almost 2 days, only a faint hint is still there.



Christmas morning and lunch are over, I log on and find that on Friday, Chad decided to declare a "state of war" on Sudan.
BBC News


Best movie reviews ever

The super fundies at the ChildCare Action Project review films and gives them a rating on how "bad" they are. Categories include Wanton Violence/Crime, Impudence/Hate, Sexual Immorality, Drugs/Alcohol, Offense to God and Murder/Suicide. Sexula Immorality and Offense to God and Drugs/Alchohol seem to be what they are most against.
At the end of each review, there is a list of biblical verses that may help guide you through the movie. And keep in mind that this is no parody/satire site. This is actual fundies on the Internet.
Here's a list of all the movies they have reviewed
I remember this site from way back, but they came back to my attention because they are asking for donations. If you appreciate their humor, give them a few bucks. They seem to be harmless, so there's no reason not to.


Christmas on Rubi-Ka

Ho ho ho
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It is nearing Christmas, so the people running the free MMORPG have unleashed the
Christmas time quests. After completing Santa Leet's request, I was given a santa hat and a santa suit. I took off my trenchcoat and hood and became jolly.


I turned 16 three days ago, on the 19th. The main change this will cause is
the acquisition of new rights. The big one is driving. I can't take my
tests to get a license until February, because I haven't had my learner's
permit for 6 months.

I can give blood now, and I intend to do so when the bloodmobile comes by
our school in mid January. I hope this revanquishes my fear of needles. I
originally lost it when I had to get a battery of shots when I had just
turned 10 to prepare for our move to England. For some reason, it has
returned. I think the cause of this was a Tetanus booster I got, which bled
and caused my arm to feel painful and week for the next few days. I hope
having a needle stuck in for about 15 minutes will eliminate this fear,
just as getting multiple shots did when I was 10.

I should note that I got a new PDA as a gift. This is the Sony UX-50, which
takes away the good camera and large screen of my old NX-80, but adds wifi,
bluetooth and a huge keyboard. I'm currently using it to write this post
from the comfort of a couch, which is a nice experience. It was unable to
connect to wifi, but a quick google of the symptoms revealed that the
internal wifi chip used some stupid Sony method of connecting it to the
circuit board, instead of good ol'fashioned solder. Opening the case up and
adding a shim of duct tape (yay) to push down on the chip seems to have
fixed the problem. And trying to unscrew the unit's 5 pointed screw renewed
my hatred of Sony for not following standards.


Your name in space, free

Remember how NASA's smash-a-probe into a comet mission and their upcoming Pluto mission have let internet folks put their name in electronic form and send it along? They're doing it again with their DAWN mission. Go to the site, enter into the text box and press enter. This one is going to orbit around two asteroids and do sciency stuff. Also, PLEASE do not put anything stupid or crass onto the chip. If Earth is destroyed and aliens come around the solar system system and find it, I don't want them to think of us as a bunch of retards.


Hertfordshire oil explosion

darkening sky
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While browsing Flickr, I came across this photo of the fuel depot explosion northeast of london. The photo is copyrighted by Getty Images, but is really great. I like the lighting, and the way the emergency guy is just standing there, dwarfed by the cloud.


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These protesters were outside an upscale store selling fur on Black Friday. There were about 20 of them, and they were fairly quiet. But the police were out in force. At least 50 police, most off frame. These are animal rights protesters, not a very violent bunch.


Myspace Deaths

With a community as large as MySpace, deaths pass mostly unnoticed. This Livejournal (lol Livejournal) catalogues all deaths that happen to users of MySpace. Based on my stereotypes, I'd assume most of the deaths were either due to suicide or autoerotic asphixiation. Actually most deaths are alchohol related. It seems that all of the emos and hipsters are leaving MySpace, to be replaced by partyboys. Also, there was a suprising amount of Iraq deaths. I never knew it was so popular in Iraq.