I turned 16 three days ago, on the 19th. The main change this will cause is
the acquisition of new rights. The big one is driving. I can't take my
tests to get a license until February, because I haven't had my learner's
permit for 6 months.

I can give blood now, and I intend to do so when the bloodmobile comes by
our school in mid January. I hope this revanquishes my fear of needles. I
originally lost it when I had to get a battery of shots when I had just
turned 10 to prepare for our move to England. For some reason, it has
returned. I think the cause of this was a Tetanus booster I got, which bled
and caused my arm to feel painful and week for the next few days. I hope
having a needle stuck in for about 15 minutes will eliminate this fear,
just as getting multiple shots did when I was 10.

I should note that I got a new PDA as a gift. This is the Sony UX-50, which
takes away the good camera and large screen of my old NX-80, but adds wifi,
bluetooth and a huge keyboard. I'm currently using it to write this post
from the comfort of a couch, which is a nice experience. It was unable to
connect to wifi, but a quick google of the symptoms revealed that the
internal wifi chip used some stupid Sony method of connecting it to the
circuit board, instead of good ol'fashioned solder. Opening the case up and
adding a shim of duct tape (yay) to push down on the chip seems to have
fixed the problem. And trying to unscrew the unit's 5 pointed screw renewed
my hatred of Sony for not following standards.


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